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The Facts as we know them related to this site:
  • Gypsy Rogers is running for President in 2012.
  • Gypsy Rogers has coined what he calls "The Hacker Law"(yes we know it's really a "cracker law" but lUsers don't get it then)
  • The Hacker Law in essence states that anyone who exposes a security hole in anyone else's system without causing damage to that system or it's data is entitled to fair compensation and immune from prosecution
  • Internet Voting is supposed to be available in 2012
  • Gypsy Rogers expects to win by a record number of votes seeing votes from not only those who have never voted before but have been unable to get to the voting booths for years due to disabilities that were not accommodated for (such as death)
  • Gypsy Rogers will be the first president to run a campaign completely based on Internet based marketing. There will be no TV or Radio spots taking away from quality Buffy or Star Trek watching time. Only a web site
  • Gypsy Rogers is the Candidate of the Hackers, for the Hackers, by the Hackers! T-Shirts are in the works! Check Back!!!!

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"What do you think is the single most compelling reason why the average person should support the EFF's intellectual property fight?"

If you care about culture, radio, television, literature, music, art, information or knowledge, then you should be supporting our fight on intellectual property. EFF is not against intellectual property. We are fighting for a return to a balanced form of copyright, one that respects the owners and the public equally. After all, copyright law is made, ostensibly, for the benefit of the public. If you, as a member of the public, think that our culture should not be regulated exclusively by high-priced lobbyists working for the entertainment industry, and if you don't believe our copyright law system today is working in the best interests of the public, you should be supporting EFF. -- From an interivew by TechFocus with Fred Von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation